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Sano Surgery represents self-insured employers across the United States and is constantly searching for the very best private practice physicians, ambulatory surgery centers, and surgical hospitals. Employers are looking for those physicians and facilities offering bundled priced aka all-in prices for their healthcare treatments.

Join the 300+ multi-specialty centers, 100+ single specialty centers, and 800+ radiology centers and align directly with employers and employees aka the actual payers of healthcare treatments.

Direct to Employer Contracts:

70% of all US Employers over 100 employees are self-insured. This means the patients you are seeing are largely covered by employers who are funding and responsible for the entire of the healthcare spend. Why is this good news for your private practice, ambulatory surgery center, or surgical hospital?

Self-insured employers have a fiduciary obligation to their plan assets and will contract with physicians in order to bypass commercial carriers. As a general matter this lowers the total price they are paying for treatments and increases the amount collected by the physicians.

A few of the benefits of direct contracting are as follows:

  • Price is 100% paid by the employer - no balance billing.

  • Guaranteed payment terms - generally 21 days or less.

  • Volume concessions - all of the volume for specified procedures.


Workers’ Compensation:

Workers’ compensation is often overlooked by private practice physicians. There is an intrinsic bias due to the perceived level of administrative responsibilities. At Sano Surgery our consultants know the business of workers’ compensation and more importantly how to navigate and manage the paperwork and administrative responsibilities.

There are 42 states with workers’ compensation fee schedules of which only two are below are below Medicare rates. In fact, most fee schedules are above 150% of Medicare. Sano Surgery represents a significant number of workers’ compensation payer networks and we work with our clients - private practice physicians, ambulatory surgery center partners, and physician-owned surgical hospital partners - in order to contract for workers’ compensation case volume.

For example in states like Texas a physician is reimbursed 201% of Medicare for procedures and surgeries and 160% of Medicare for E&M. In addition, Ambulatory Surgery Centers are reimbursed 235% of Medicare for procedures including implants and 153% of Medicare without implants.

These reimbursement rates represent ample opportunities for many physicians and facilities. Sano Surgery’s consultants understand exactly how to manage and navigate the workers’ compensation agreements, generate the case volume, and teach the practice staff how to deliver and manage the administrative responsibilities..


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