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Why do Labor Unions & Employers pay too much for Total Hip Replacements?

Like many employers, 32BJ’s fund paid on average $82,843 for a hip replacement at NewYork-Presbyterian, according to data from the fund. The same procedure cost $57,568, on average, at other hospitals. .

There are two apparent questions that come from the sentences above.

  • Why pay $82,843 for a hip replacement?

  • Why have a hip replacement at a hospital?

Sano Surgery’s average total hip replacement prices across the US is less than $20,000 and in the top 5 major markets the price is less than $30,000. The Sano Surgery price includes the four primary components of any major surgery - anesthesiology fee, facility fee, physician fee, and implant fees.

Eighty percent of hip replacements for those under 65 can be done in an Ambulatory Surgery Center or Surgical Hospital. Unless there is a clinical requirement by the surgeon, there is no reason to place healthy patients into a hospital facility filled with sick people.

The vast majority of U.S. based employers pay too much for healthcare and healthcare coverage.

Dutch Rojas