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Employers aka Payers.

Sano Surgery is completely aligned with and works for the Employer. Employers may access Sano Surgery’s network for a fee of 15% per transaction.

Our global pricing for CT scans is $250. An employer will pay $250 for the scan and pay Sano a fee of $37.50. Our average all-in price for a total joint replacement is $20,000 versus the national price of $61,000. An employer will pay the facility $20,000 and pay Sano a fee of $3,000.

Before we begin, Sano Surgery will provide an analysis of the entire medical spend and show the client what they are paying for individual treatments and what they will pay with Sano Surgery.

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Physicians aka Healthcare.

Sano Surgery provides physicians with ownership interest in Surgical Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers the opportunity to generate case volume through direct to employer and workers’ compensation contracts.

It is time for Employers and Physicians to again become acquainted, meet face to face, and do business directly. We remove the barrier of the commercial carrier and allow physicians to do what they do best, while aligning incentives with the employers and patients. This is known as the Triple Win.

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