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Advocating for the physician, patient, and employer relationship since 1997.

Headquartered in Phoenix with offices in New York, Dallas, and Oakland, Sano Surgery represents self-insured employers, labor unions, third-party administrators, private equity, workers’ compensation payers, private practices, ambulatory surgery centers and surgical hospitals across the United States.

Sano Surgery specializes in reducing, hedging, and stabilizing healthcare expenses for self-insured employers and other healthcare and work-injury payers. Simultaneously, Sano Surgery generates appropriate case volume for ambulatory surgery centers, surgical hospitals and private practices through direct contracting with employers.

Pay 50- 70% less for Healthcare

Sano Surgery’s healthcare price negotiators have been practicing for over a decade and know how to obtain the best prices for healthcare treatments. The highest quality Laboratory services, Imaging tests, Physical Therapy, and Outpatient Procedures and Surgeries are all available nationwide for as much as 70% less than those provided by your health insurance company.

The Solutions

Sano Surgery deploys these five primary strategies to reduce, hedge, and stabilize self-insured employer healthcare expenses.

  1. Surgery Benefit Management - No co-pay, No deductible, & No patient responsibility.

  2. Direct contracts with the highest quality physicians and facilities.

  3. The Triple Win: Payer, Patient, & Employer.

  4. SurgeryFutures™ and SurgeryOptions™

  5. Transparent & Bundled Prices.




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I have dedicated my life to affordable and accessible healthcare that is driven by high-quality outcomes and is patient & physician centered.

Whether it is building surgery centers and clinics in Asia, Africa, South America, or North America, the mission remains the same - affordable and accessible healthcare for all.
— Dutch Rojas, CEO Sano Surgery


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